If you have recently been made redundant or are looking for a new job, then we can appreciate that it can be difficult to know where to start or what to do next.

As a commercial training company, we work with a number of people who have recently lost their jobs who are looking for retraining.

Many of these people are referred to us through a number of different organisations that help you get back to work.

To help you in your quest to find a job, a close the gap between redundancy and employment, here are 5 things you can do to find a new job fast!

Redundancy: 5 ways to get a job fast

Job Centre

If you have been made redundant or have lost your job, then your first port of call should be the job centre. Not only can you register for job seekers allowance but the job centre will also help you search for suitable jobs in the local area.

You can also look at retraining options and again the job centre will be able to advise you on the best course of action. As I’ve mentioned, we get a number of people referred to us through the job centre who are looking to retrain as a way to get back into employment.

Click here to access their online Universal Jobmatch website where you can search for hundreds of jobs in your local area. It also has information about claiming job seekers allowance and what the job centre can do for you.

Careers Service/Advisor via the job centre

If you are looking for a career change, then your local job centre should be able to set up an appointment with a Careers Advisor so you can talk through your options with them.

They can help with retraining, look at your current skills and help match your talents to specific jobs. They can also look at your CV and offer you practical advice about improving your chances of gaining employment.

Job websites

If you do a Google search and type in jobs – hundreds of websites should appear. Take your time to go through them and search for the type of the work you are interested in.

You can also register your CV with many of these websites allowing employers to find your CV when a suitable vacancy comes up.

New jobs are usually added daily, so make sure you check these websites regularly for the best chance of securing employment.

Recruitment agencies

Again you can do a Google search for recruitment agencies in your local area and you’ll find there are plenty. It might be worth looking for specific jobs you are interested in and sending your CV over to recruitment agencies, so if anything crops up then they can get in contact with you.

You can also check there websites for CV and covering letter tips, it might be also worth checking out how to prepare for an interview, which is something to think about for the future.

Access your own contacts/network

Its also worth accessing your own network, let your contacts know you are looking for new opportunities. Sometimes it can be who you know and jobs can often come out of the blue.

Or ask the job centre if there are any networking events relevant to your industry that you could attend. Getting yourself in front of the right people can help your job prospects – as you never know who they know.

The best course of action is to prepare in advance, get yourself ready for an interview, as you never know when you’ll get a telephone call for one.

Good luck in your job search!

Anna Mcarthur
Training Manager
Fife Group