When we were contacted by a well know legal firm with offices in Fife, they were looking at s short term solution for storage. One of their offices was struggling to cope with the levels of files and paperwork … creaking under the weight of all that needed to be stored.

The firm met with us and we discussed their needs. In those conversations, it became clear that the storage problem was not unique to one office – but across their whole firm. Client files and archives – often dating back many years – were identified as causing issues … not just from the space they were taking up, but also from a security issue.

The more we discussed it, the bigger their issue became!

Add in the compliance issues around GDPR – and the requirements on all companies to be able to retrieve data that’s retained on clients – a bigger conversation took place.

We were able to go back to them with a solution that not only met and solved their immediate space issues but that provided a medium to longer term solution … creating secure space for legal documents that enables the firm (now a happy client) to retrieve any files or paperwork they require with real ease.

The solution has not only saved them space, but it has also freed up their offices to provide their own staff with a tidier and easier working environment … a happier working environment!

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