Here at Fife Group, we consider ourselves experts in the self storage industry, not only have we been around for years, but we also offer the largest and most secure self storage facilities in Fife. In fact, our self storage is so much in demand that we are adding more storage units to our depots.

If you are looking for self storage in Fife, it makes sense to shop around and find the best option for you.

The choice of self storage providers can be overwhelming. We are not the type of company to shy away from the competition, and we like to be honest with our customers about other self storage companies in the Fife area.

So to help you out, here is a list of the best self storage companies in Fife.

Who are the best self storage companies in Fife?

In no particular order…

1. Cristal Self Storage (Shipping container)

Cristal Self Storage are a brand new storage facility based in Glenrothes, Fife. They have installed 20ft containers which are ideal for business and personal use. There containers have capacity of roughly 150sq feet or 250 standard archive boxes.

2. Diamond Self Storage (Shipping container)

Diamond Self Storage provide storage facilities to domestic, commercial and archive clients looking for a storage solution, whether it’s just for a holiday or longer term use. They also provide car storage if required.

3. Evans Easystore

Launching as part of Evans Easyspace in 2005, Evans Easystore provide self storage for personal belonging or business assets on a short or long term basis.

4. Flemings of Rosyth (Shipping container & self storage units)

Flemings of Rosyth offer self storage, home to store containers and shipping containers.

5. Lowes Logistics

Lowes provide business storage, student storage and personal self-storage services in Fife. From their Glenrothes base, they service both domestic and commercial customers throughout Fife and Scotland.

It’s worth pointing out that in Fife you will be able to choose between vertically stacked wooden boxes, outdoor metal shipping containers and individual units within a warehouse.

Here’s a short list of criteria to use when selecting the best self storage for your needs:

  • Check for the potential for water ingress and condensation
  • Check to see how often your container will be moved and that your items will be safe during any movement
  • Think about how much access you require – depending on the type of storage access may not suit your needs
  • Check how secure your unit will be, especially if it is an outside unit – check for alarms, CCTV and lockable units

Finally, it’s always best practice to visit the storage facility and make sure you are happy with your chosen supplier.

I hope this information helps to make sure that whatever self storage facility you choose you have a great experience, your items are looked after correctly and it fits your needs.

John Kilgour
Managing Director
Fife Group