We’ve provided self storage across Fife for a number of years, and as you can imagine we’ve seen it all.

We can store almost everything, and we’ve come across some odd items in our storage units that might surprise you!

There are some items that you should be aware of that must not be kept in a self storage unit.

7 items you should never put in self storage

1. Toxic or hazardous goods

Simply put, anything hazardous should not be stored in your self storage unit. Examples include: paint, petrol, bleach, firearms and fireworks, which can all be deemed as dangerous and should not be stored in your unit.

These types of items can cause damage to yourself, your unit, and the building as whole for which you could be liable for.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that your stored items, and everyone else’s, are kept safely.

2. Food & perishable goods

The best place to keep food is in your kitchen, and not in your storage unit.

Anything perishable will rot and most likely attract rodents, which can in turn damage your belongings and other units.

We do everything you would expect to protect our premises from pests and insects, and ensuring perishable items are not stored in your unit will help us to provide the best service possible.

3. Pets & plants

Believe it or not, we have heard of this happening at other self storage companies before, so we just wanted to clear this one up!

You cannot put pets into your self store or leave them in your unit until you decide to pick them up.

Plants also fall under this category, and while storage may seem like an ideal greenhouse, they aren’t. Plants that are put into storage will have no light or water and will perish.

4. People & Ashes

This may seem obvious, but you can’t live in your storage unit. Not only is it illegal, but it’s also unsafe.

We would also advice you to not store the ashes of a passed away relative or partner. Ideally, this be stored at your own home and not in your storage unit.

5. Money

Although our storage units and warehouses are secure, I’m sure you’ll agree that the safest place for your money and valuables is in the bank.

6. Medication and illegal drugs

In most circumstances, it’s not a good idea to store medication in your self storage unit and most drugs must be stored within a certain temperature range.

Nothing illegal can be stored in your self storage unit, including drug or other substances.

7. Temperature sensitive goods

Unless your self storage unit has strictly controlled climate control, we would advise against storing anything that requires a specific temperature range.

This would include things like art and antiques.

Ready to store?

There’s not much that a self storage company can’t store for you, and if in doubt, always ask your self storage representative about what you can and can’t store in your unit.

Happy storing!

Brian Munro
Operations Director
Fife Group