Many employers only think about training when they have to – for example, when something is changed by legislation and they have to comply.

As commercial training experts, we believe that ongoing training and continued personal development should be paramount in every organisation to improve employee performance and drive your business forward.

As an employer, if you’re still on the fence when it comes to training, we hope this article will give you some motivation to train your staff to help better your organisation.

The benefits of training your team

It can boost staff morale and motivation!

Training can re-energise your workforce and this can massively impact your business. What’s the saying that a happy workforce is a productive one. Well think about it, investing in training sends a very clear massage that you care about your team and want them to progress.

In turn, your employees should have greater motivation and work a bit harder because they feel valued. Any employer who wants to keep a good team should try to boost staff morale and look after their employees. A positive productive workforce is an asset and one that should be nurtured to help drive your business forward.

As a business owner, you want to avoid high staff turnovers and retain your team for as long as you can. If you don’t invest in your employees, you could potentially lose staff if they don’t feel valued or appreciated.

It can also be difficult to replace good employees – costing you both time and money to find someone suitable.

New skills – new responsibilities, growth and development

Learning should be part of every employees career plan, to learn something new that adds to your teams roles is extremely beneficial to your business. For example, learning first aid is vital to the welfare of your team and can save lives. It is also another added responsibility on the elected first aider and adds to their skill set.

As an employer you should always try to allow your employees to grow – training is one way to do this. People need to learn something new to be able to grow and develop – allow your employees the chance to evolve in your business.

Give your employees new skills by training them and allow them to use these new skills in their job.

Training is good for team building

Imagine your employees training together and working as a group to gain a qualification or new set of skills. Simply put, training lets your team work together for the greater good of your company.

Let’s face it, training your staff can result in better customer service, better work safety practices and productivity improvements. You have also demonstrated to your team that you value them enough to invest in them, improving loyalty and staff retention.

Start building your team today by investing in training.

Talk about your training – showcase your staff/PR

Publicise or tell your customers about the staff training you do, this is not only good for business but it shows your customers how committed you are to them.

It also gives you the chance to showcase your staff and praise them for their training achievements. You should always try to give praise where praise is due and if your team have completed a qualification or some form of training, then you should be shouting it from the rooftops.

Training is a bit like going to school – it really is essential in order to grow and nature your team. Give your staff the chance to shine and learn something new that adds value and this will in turn boost their confidence and add to the greater good of your business.

Happy training!

Anna Mcarthur
Training Manager
Fife Training Services